We believe that an individual’s place of work is vital to their motivation, values, desires and productivity. Not only can a great workspace help to retain staff; it can also attract the best people for your team. In addition to the human benefits, an effective workspace will reinforce your brand identity and perception in the marketplace, helping to increase overall business performance.

The strategic workspace consultancy provided by Stirling Grey is the first step to realising some of these benefits. We will provide you with the best analytical tools currently available to ascertain your key drivers and motives for change. What are your people’s real concerns? How do they currently work? How do they interact? What constraints do you have? What pressures are you experiencing? How do you use technology and how is this restricting you? How do individuals and teams within your business communicate? Where will you be in ten years’ time?

We assist with answering these questions and developing strategies to improve your current work environment. At the end of this stage we will be familiar with all of the key issues, and have identified the biggest opportunities. Your new space will be fully future-proofed, and overall real estate costs minimised, allowing you to increase profitability as well as productivity.

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Stirling Grey has worked with a number of companies varying in size, sector and location.

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