Each of our clients is assigned a dedicated Stirling Grey project designer to fully interpret your requirements in an innovative yet practical way. 

We undergo full feasibility studies including block planning, test-fits and space planning to ensure you make the best use of your space. If you are relocating and looking for a new office, we can assist by advising on the merits of various buildings, providing space plans and providing fully detailed comparisons to help you make that all important choice. Just as no two companies are the same, no two buildings are the same: we can establish the vital differences to help you chose that perfect building - aiding in ensuring you consider more than just the location, rents, rates and service charges.

If you are remaining in your existing office and considering a refurbishment we are more than happy to visit and look at how you currently work, how could it be tweaked or revolutionised to create a range of options that make it a more suitable space for your staff. This could range from designing a new storage solution, to making a change to the open plan layout, creating a new breakout area or initiating a complete overhaul of your current work environment. 

From initial sketches and concept drawings, designs and block plans, Stirling Grey experts can generate plans and layout drawings, 3D images and CGI walkthroughs. We will present ideas, images, exact finishes and samples to bring our ideas to life and ensure full ‘buy in’ from your team. You will also get a fully detailed specification and broken down cost plan, together with a timeline of how long the project will take, and when key decisions need to be made. 



All our designs are produced with your specific building in mind, to emphasise its features. Our designs take into consideration the building’s constraints, namely its services. We insist on undertaking building services design in parallel to ensure your air-conditioning, heating, ventilation, lighting and telecoms requirements all work in conjunction with your space plan. This results in a much more cost-effective solution for you, as fewer alterations are required to achieve the finished product.

We know only too well that space is valuable, It is a precious commodity which must be efficient, productive, practical and functional. We will design the use of your space to minimise cost: cost in fit-out, cost in materials, cost in altering existing services and cost in occupying and operating the space.  What continues to make Stirling Grey different is our commitment to making your space personal. For us to regard a project as a success, it has to fulfil the needs of each specific client.


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Stirling Grey has worked with a number of companies varying in size, sector and location.

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